Two&Two Chemical Enterprise is a manu-facturer in Korea, which specializes in producing and developing label stock, laminating self- adhesive tape, and protective tape with over thirty years experience in the industry.

We produce the most extensive ranges of specialist laminating self-adhesive
tapes (Patent No:097390) in the world, and growing from a regional business
into an international company.

Our goal and mission is to achieve our common profits, to meet our partner expectations with our reliable services throughout our company, by delivering
good quality products in a safe, timely and cost effect manner.
We are confident that our products are of high quality and satisfaction in the industry, and that our prices are most competitive as well.
As always, we would like to thank our friends and partners for their relationships that have been invaluable to the growth of Two&Two Chemical Enterprise.

Choon Seong Kim
CEO, Two&Two Chemical Enterprise