1. Photo Post Foam
-Stick the sign to the wall or window. It can be easily removed.
-Made of functional sponge, Photo has strong adhesiveness and can be easily removed.
-It can be used on a bulletin board, on the wall, on the surface of a cabinet and on window.

2. Sign Color Tape
Adhesive tape in various colors. You can use this tape to indicate your ownership as binding or sticking to your materials. Adhesive tape in 9 beautiful colors set for permanent adhesion.

3. Hand Coating Book Cover Tape
You can manually laminate the covers of textbooks, documents or books of companies. It is the transparent adhesive vinyl tape to prevent creaked windows from being broken or signboards or warning signs from being ripped away by rain when they are hung or attached outside. It is supplied in two types, a roll type(3M) and a packet of 10 pieces. In addition, since it is a special adhesive, it is clearly removed without leaving any adhesives on window.

4. Correction Tape
It is a white resin tape contained in a small injection case that is used to correct characters on documents prepared using computers, copy machines or word processors or on OMR cards as well as using ball point pens or fountain pens.
You can write on the surfaces using waterbased or oilbased pens without drying immediately after correction. There is not mark even
when you copy documents because the tape is lusterless. Moreover, documents do not stick together even when you correct characters and stack files.
Correction tapes and refill tapes in cases as well as correction tape cases are the only products developed by our unique technologies. So they are supplied in moderate prices.
Adhesive correction tape is semi-permanently used. Then, there is no aging effect. So correction ink is not removed or cracked even after a long time, and the adhesive strength is not reduced and stuck to papers well. The white ink is well cut without being stretched and easy to use. It will be expected to activate international marketing powers because it is made by the unique technologies of Korea.

5. Correction Type Adhesive Tape
It is not a white resin tape made with correction ink but a unique transparent adhesive tape. You can easily use in every place such as offices or homes when packing envelopes for documents or letters or parcels. It is the adhesive tape for transcription that you can transcribe the adhesives and seal the envelopes or parcels like a correction tape when you attach posters or memos on walls. It is contained in simple injection cases for carriage. In addition, it is specially manufactured as enabling you to rub the surfaces by hands and then the adhesives to fall to pieces when you remove adhesives. So the materials are not polluted.

6. Color Decoration Sheet Tape
Color sheet tapes are pretty vinyl tapes in 12 kinds and are packed in the unit of 12 pieces(2129.5 12 Kinds). Since they are made with special removal tapes, when you remove from glasses, adhesives are not remained on the surfaces. These tapes are used in kindergartens and for show windows and various handicrafts. They are permanent adhesive vinyl tapes that are applied to diverse kinds of decorations.

7. Desk Tape Cleaner
Square sheets of desk cleaner tapes are contained in square cases. Desk cleaner tapes are very convenient cleaner tapes that you can take off each piece and put down and remove dust or hairs on floors or clothes. You can put these tapes on toilet tables at home and desks in offices for convenient uses.

8. Liquid Crystal Display Protection Film
(Special Products)
Liquid crystal display protection films are special adhesive films to prevent serious scratches or pollutions on LCDs of PDA and similar products, cell phones or video cameras and so to prevent reflected lights. These tapes can be easily attached to and removed from LCD. Special adhesives consist of very mere magnetic adhesives made with imported materials.

(Existing Products) Existing products are magnetic vinyl films without special adhesives with lower strength. They are applied only to prevent scratches or pollutions, and can be slightly shrunk. When you take memos on LCD of PDA using touch pens, these products leave some marks. Then you need to frequently change them.