1. Tape for Wafer Back Grinding
This tape protects circuit sides of wafers from damages, scratches or pollutions by foreign substances in wafer back grinding. In addition, it makes it easy to peel off after polishing as improving the grinding precision of wafers and reduces pollutions on wafer surfaces.

2. Tape for Dicing
It is the protective tape to attach on a back grinding surface and do sawing. It maintains cut chips and keeps the function to move the chips distributed after x-band to bonding process by constant adhesiveness. Moreover, it also easily peels chips off during pick-up process. After peel-off, the adhesive shall not contaminate wafers. In addition, the adhesiveness shall not be degraded by substances including pure agents or surfactants used in the process.

3. Two-Two Clean Mat
Two-Two Clean Mat is the adhesive tape for footboards removing pollutants and dust when going in and out of the controlled work place. It is the flat mat tape required for reducing the level of small dusts that can be generated in the work places. It has 30 layers of sheets. Moreover, the adhesive is not harmful to human bodies and work processes. It is very eco-friendly product.

4. Roll cleaner to Remove Fine Dust
This adhesive tape removes various kinds of find dust and foreign substances on the adherend. Removable adhesive is coated on polypropylene film, NY sheet (synthetic paper) and non-woven paper. It has the function of peeling off as being rolled over dust. It is held in a plastic tube and so doesnt generate any paper dust.

5. High Performance Special Protection Tape preventing Electric Charges
This adhesive tape is made with various kinds of films such as PE, PET and OPP. It is designed to prevent electric charges between adhesive layers. It is the adhesive protection film substantially supplementing cohesiveness with the excellent heat resistant adhesive enduring high temperature. Moreover, it is very useful to protect high glossy surfaces. Even when peeling films off again, it keeps smooth touch and constant adhesiveness when time goes by.

6. Silicon Rubber Tape
a. Scotch Tape of Silicon Function
b. Silicon Label Sheet